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A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook:Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health, Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Realization (9781567184730)
By:  Jonn Mumford Spend just a few minutes each day practicing the remarkable yoga and energ..
Ex Tax: $26.95
Ancient Healing Techniques:A Course in Psychic & Spiritual Development (9780738706504)
By:  Douglas De Long Thousands of years ago, the High Priests of Egypt performed a special r..
Ex Tax: $15.90
Ancient Teachings for Beginners:Learn About Auras, Chakras, Angels & Astral Projection (9781567182149)
By:  Douglas De Long Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Douglas De Long reveals the mys..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Aura Energy for Health, Healing and Balance (9781567186376)
By:  Joe H. Slate In his latest book, Dr. Joe H. Slate illustrates how each one of us has th..
Ex Tax: $15.90
Aura Reading for Beginners:Develop Your Psychic Awareness for Health & Success (9781567187984)
By:  Richard Webster   Fully comprehend those around you by learning to read their a..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Auras:See Them in Only 60 seconds (9781567186437)
By:  Mark Smith That is a brave claim to make, especially in the title of a book. But it's t..
Ex Tax: $13.90
Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness (9780738703541)
By:  Keith Sherwood Accumulating karmic baggage-the dense energy carried from one lifetime t..
Ex Tax: $14.90
Chakra Therapy:For Personal Growth & Healing (9780875427218)
By:  Keith Sherwood   You are an energy being. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions ..
Ex Tax: $12.95
Chakras for Beginners:A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies (9781567185379)
By:  David Pond   You may think that difficult situations and emotions you experienc..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Change at Hand:Balancing Your Energy Through Palmistry, Chakras & Mudras  (9780738715704)
By:  Sandra Kynes   We hold an extraordinary power in our hands--the power to change..
Ex Tax: $17.90
How To See and Read The Aura (9780738708157)
By:  Ted Andrews If you've ever felt immediately comfortable—or uncomfortable—around someone..
Ex Tax: $9.95
Kundalini & the Chakras:Evolution in this Lifetime (9780875425924)
By:  Genevieve L. Paulson How many chakras do you have? You may be surprised to know that th..
Ex Tax: $15.95
Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense:Strengthen Your Aura (9780875421902)
By:  Osborne Phillips Deliberate psychic attack is very rare. However, your psyche is consta..
Ex Tax: $13.95
The Complete Book of Chakra Healing:Activate the Transformative Power of Your Energy Centers (9780738715025)
By:  Cyndi Dale   Cyndi Dale's New Chakra Healing established a new standa..
Ex Tax: $24.90
Wheels of Life:A User's Guide to the Chakra System (9780875423203)
Ex Tax: $21.90
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