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A Garden of Pomegranates:Skrying on the Tree of Life (9781567181418)
By:  Israel Regardie   Long considered the best single introduction to the Qabalah f..
Ex Tax: $22.95
A Practical Guide to the Runes:Their Uses in Divination and Magic (9780875425931)
By:  Lisa Peschel EIHWAZ the yew, URUZ the wild ox, KENAZ the hearth fire. Created by the No..
Ex Tax: $7.95
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Animal Omens (9780738713779)
By:  Victoria Hunt As fellow creatures who are uniquely attuned to the earth's energies, ani..
Ex Tax: $15.90
Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls:Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership (9781567180268)
By:  Ted Andrews Quartz crystal balls and crystal bowls are popular magical tools. Yet, not ..
Ex Tax: $16.95
Divination for Beginners:Reading the Past, Present & Future (9780738703848)
By:  Scott Cunningham Anyone can practice divination. You don't need to be psychic, ..
Ex Tax: $13.95
Dowsing for Beginners:How to Find Water, Wealth & Lost Objects (9781567188028)
By:  Richard Webster The complete how-to book on dowsing  You can easily locate gold..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Everyday Clairvoyant:Extraordinary Answers to Finding Love, Destiny and Balance in Your Life (9780738719238)
By:  Cyndi Dale   Professional clairvoyant and best-selling author Cyndi Dale has pr..
Ex Tax: $16.90
Pendulum Magic for Beginners:Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom  (9780738701929)
By:  Richard Webster It’s hard to believe something as simple as a weight on a string can wo..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Scrying For Beginners  (9781567187465)
By:  Donald Tyson Scrying for Beginners is for anyone who longs to sit down before the ..
Ex Tax: $14.90
Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic (9781578630363)
By:  Eleanor L. Harris Drawing from her own experiences and important works including&nb..
Ex Tax: $18.95
Art and Practice of Geomancy (9781578634316)
By:  John Michael Greer Have you ever lost an important object? Are you taking on a new ..
Ex Tax: $18.95
Art of the Pendulum (BARTPEN)
In The Art of the Pendulum by Cassandra Eason divination expert Cassandra Eason brings ..
Ex Tax: $14.95
BOOK OF RUNES: 25th Anniversary Edition (includes hardcover book, 25 ceramic rune stones & drawstring bag)
by Blum, Ralph Based on a tradition over a thousand years old, the Runes are embraced by ..
Ex Tax: $35.00
Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners (9780738726267)
  By:  Alexandra Chauran Haven't you always wanted to gaze into a crystal ball and s..
Ex Tax: $14.90
Crystal Wisdom (9781859062524)
  Crystal Wisdom is an easy-to-use system that works on various levels of conscious..
Ex Tax: $26.95
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