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The Inner Guide to Egypt:A Mystical Journey Through Time & Consciousness (9780738718750)
By:  Alan Richardson   Step into the mystical Henu Boat of exploration and begin a s..
Ex Tax: $17.90
The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt:The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed (9781567181296)
By:  Rosemary Clark   For hundreds of years, people have been amazed at the mysterio..
Ex Tax: $29.90
Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery (9780880103770)
By:  Rudolf Steiner ..
Ex Tax: $14.95
Awakening Osiris (9780933999749)
The Egyptian Book of the Dead is one of the oldest and greatest classics of Western spiritua..
Ex Tax: $18.95
Egyptian Prosperity Magic Spells & Recipes for Financial Empowerment (9780738726779)
  By:  Claudia R. Dillaire Boost your cash flow and free yourself from financial unc..
Ex Tax: $15.90
Egyptian Symbols (9781402746239)
Travel back in time to explore the magical world of ancient Egypt, a culture rich in symbolic ceremo..
Ex Tax: $12.95
This ancient text is an enormous source of wisdom. Written on multiple levels of consciousness, i..
Ex Tax: $15.95
Invoking the Egyptian Gods (9780738727301)
Delve into the powerful undercurrents of Egyptian magick and be forever changed. This book presents ..
Ex Tax: $19.90
ISIS: Afrikan Queen (9780880104944)
By:  Akkadia Ford The fame and popularity of Isis has spread throughout the world. This ..
Ex Tax: $23.95
MYSTERIES OF ISIS: The Path Of Wisdom, Immortality & Enlightenment (9781884564246)
By:  Muata Abhaya Ashby ..
Ex Tax: $22.95
Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods (9780738719061)
Let your imagination unfold, glimpse a land shrouded in mystery, and become enlightened through the ..
Ex Tax: $18.90
Secrets of Egyptian Spellcasting (BSECEGYS)
Unlock the Occult Wisdom Of Antiquity And Experience The Awesome Miracle Of Egyptian Magic, Known..
Ex Tax: $24.00
Treasures of Ancient Egypt
  By:  Jaromir Malek The pyramids were already millennia old when th..
Ex Tax: $39.95
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