The Secret Science of Numerology

The Secret Science of Numerology
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The Secret Science of Numerology is unlike any other book on numerology, 
because it explains why numerology works. It reveals the science behind this 
ancient mystical art. The book introduces the Inner Guidance Number, a 
powerful tool for accessing our inner knowing. The pertinent information about 
how numerology works has until now been scattered throughout books on 
ancient mysteries, mysticism, and scientific writings, and it was only through 
meditation, deduction, reasoning, and testing that the science revealed itself to 
the author.

Now readers of all persuasions--from seasoned numerologists to interested 
seekers who just want to know more about this mystical art--will find a clear, 
understandable presentation of how numerology works…and how you can make 
it work for you as a directional tool for your spiritual journey.

Beginning with the author's personal experience of the validity of numerology, 
Shirley Blackwell Lawrence explores the esoteric concepts of the vibrational 
nature of the universe, and she correlates key information from the Essenes, 
physics, music, the Judeo-Christian scriptures, Pythagorean thought, 
teachings of the Eastern masters, Western metaphysics, ancient history, and 
modern scientific research.

The Secret Science of Numerology is the first book to present a thorough 
explanation of the numbers and letters, starting with their origins—the how and 
why of their design, and exploring their nature in names and in language. An 
added bonus is the tested and true Inner Guidance Number, a powerful new tool 
that pinpoints our personal use of our own vibrational energies that help us 
handle our problems. Readers will also learn how that same personal number ray 
allows them to tap into the Tree of Life to receive their own inner counsel for 
better problem solving.

If you desire to know not only how, but why numerology works, and if you 
appreciate learning some hidden meanings in music, in the Bible, even in your 
own name, then The Secret Science of Numerology is for you.

Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, Msc., maintains a life-long interest and study of 
world philosophies. Ms. Lawrence found in her searchings that the study of 
numbers offered answers she could find no where else to her many questions 
about unusual phenomena and hidden meanings in the Bible. She is a popular 
lecturer and the author of Behind Numerology and Numerology and the English 

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