AM AND PM TAI CHI (01871351851)

AM AND PM TAI CHI (01871351851)
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If you've never done t'ai chi before, you're missing out on an incredible means for revitalization and developing inner peace. It's not a hard martial art to practice - many of the moves have a fluidity to them that blends breathwork with controlled movements. In some ways, it's similar to some of the less intense forms of yoga. And instructors David-Dorian Ross and CJ McPhee are among some of today's top Western practitioners. On A.M. AND P.M. TAI CHI, Ross and McPhee provide introductory t'ai chi workouts that will help you to flush your body with fresh energy in the morning and expel stress and stale chi in the evening. Both workouts are filmed against a beautiful chi-enriching backdrop of a Hawaiian coastline, and the moves are modeled with voice over narration. Frequent practice can help you become calm, centered and full of life. Running time: 83 minutes.

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