GIFT OF ENLIGHTENMENT: The Life Healing Game For 2-6 Players (9789991538952)

GIFT OF ENLIGHTENMENT: The Life Healing Game For 2-6 Players (9789991538952)
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The Gift of Enlightenment is a Life Healing Game for 2 to 6 players. Delightfully fun game play with healing messages. Gift of Enlightenment is a unique and totally original board game that brings a flow of positive energy to all who discover it. This is one adventure that is guaranteed to stay in the mind long after the final dice has been thrown.

Game Features:

-Seek your very own ’Gift of Enlightenment’. Make life-changing decisions as you travel the ’Circle of Life’. Win and lose positive and negative human traits along the way.
-Harness the energy around you and reach your ultimate goal.
-Learn about the power of your Sixth Sense, Insight, and Intuition.
-Delve into the mysterious Karma Pool.
-Try to avoid falling for False Idols.
-Each time you play you will gain a personal gift from the ’Book of Enlightenment’.

The beautifully boxed game comes with: Game board, 7 special Chakra stones with velvet holding bag, 6 Aura cards, 3 packs of game cards, 42 Chakra crystals (acrylic), 7 Chakra color cards, 7 Chakra Challenges, Wooden Dice, Full Instructions Plus the 82 page ’Book of Enlightenment’.

’Gift of Enlightenment’ has been developed by husband and wife team David and Annette Martin, co-Directors of Veritas Productions. Annette is a fine artist and Karuna Reiki Master, while David’s background is as a former Director in the computer and video games industry, a business he left in 2002 saddened by the increasing negativity inherent in a large number of so called ’games’. Both felt there was a need for something that redressed the balance and gave to the world a game that was positive and life enhancing, while still being great fun to play.

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