Loose Stones

Loose Stones
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1 lb Malachite tumbled stones (GTMALB)
A 1lb. random selection of tumbled Malachite stones. Great for magic or crafts. Sold by aproximate w..
Ex Tax: $79.95
1 lb Moonstone tumbled stones (GTMOOB)
Moonstone is known for its ability to calm energy, strengthen intuition, enhance psychic abilities a..
Ex Tax: $37.95
1 lb Moss Agate tumbled stones (GTMOSAB)
Moss Agate has long been used in various magical traditions for attuning to the natural world and fo..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Opalite tumbled stones (GTOPOB)
Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in medi..
Ex Tax: $47.95
1 lb Orange Calcite tumbled stones (GTCALOB)
Orange Calcite is a wonderful stone for healing and magic, where it is believed to be a powerful sto..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Orange Calcite untumbled stones (GUCALOB)
Orange calcite is a wonderful stone for healing and magic, where it is believed to be a powerful sto..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Rainbow Flourite tumbled stones (GTFLURB)
In crystal healing and magical practice, Fluorite is commonly used to ground over-abundant energy. T..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Rainbow Moonstone tumbled stones (GTMOORB)
Known for their calm, soothing energy, these tumbled, rainbow moonstone stones are great for helping..
Ex Tax: $91.95
1 lb Red Tiger Eye tumbled stones (GTTIGRB)
Tiger’s Eye is a popular stone for grounding., protection & energy shifting. Use it to help shed..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Rhodonite tumbled stones (GTRHOB)
Rhodonite is said to be a great for helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also good for hel..
Ex Tax: $60.95
1 lb Rose Quartz tumbled stones (GTROSB)
Rose Quartz is a gentle and warm stone that is of great use in love spells. It is also believed to b..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Smokey Quartz tumbled stones (GTSMOB)
Appearing as though smoke were captured in stone, Smokey Quartz is a beautiful crystal that offers a..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Snow Flake Obsidian tumbled stones (GTSFOB)
Obsidian is a naturally created glass. It is formed form volcanic lava which cooled too quickly for ..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb Sodalite tumbled stones (GTSODB)
Sometimes mistaken for Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite is deep blue with beautiful veins that appear like cap..
Ex Tax: $39.95
1 lb tumbled Citrine stones (GTCITB)
A beautiful stone that somewhat resembles topaz, Citrine possesses a golden, translucent quality tha..
Ex Tax: $26.95
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