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3" Satyr Herne (BZ-SAT)
His secure, solid, and sexual presence reflects qualities of beingness common to vegetative and a..
Ex Tax: $24.00
Aphrodite Venus 8 3/4" (VEN)
The Roman Goddess of Love (Greek Aphrodite) was also Goddess of the Oceans. This famous image, Ve..
Ex Tax: $36.00
Apollo (APL)
  Phoebus, the Shining One God of the sun, wisdom, medicine, prophecy and music, twi..
Ex Tax: $43.00
Ares Mars Standing 10 3/4" (MAR)
  God of War. Lover of Venus. Here he stands at rest, with his cloak and sword at th..
Ex Tax: $47.00
Ariadne (ADE)
  Goddess of Ecstatic Trance. Her priestesses, bare-breasted, practiced ritual snake..
Ex Tax: $37.00
Bacchus Dionysus Wine God plaque 8 3/4" x 9 1/2" (WGP)
Roman name for the Greek god Dionysus, Bacchus was the orgiastic deity of bacchanalia, the religi..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Ceres 9 3/4" x 6 3/4" (CER)
Ceres, with Grain and Serpents, asks, "How does your garden grow?" Both your backyard..
Ex Tax: $38.00
Circle of Goddesses 5" x 4 1/2" statue (COG)
Here the energy of four prominent Goddesses are joined in a sacred circle: Hindu Kali, the powerf..
Ex Tax: $48.00
Cybele (CYB)
  Sacred Rhythm. Her priestesses were drummers: they spoke to her and she answered i..
Ex Tax: $37.00
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Cybele Hecate plaque 9 1/2" x 6 3/4" (CHP)
  Cybele Hecate Plaque Cybele and Hecate were leading deities of mystery cults an..
Ex Tax: $39.00
Demeter 8 1/4" (DEM)
Demeter celebrates the Mother-Daughter Bond. Human civilization is based on agriculture, in Gre..
Ex Tax: $33.00
Diana of Ephesus 9 1/4"" statue (DOE9)
Diana of Ephesus is Goddess of the Amazons. Ancient worship focused on the nature goddesses ..
Ex Tax: $48.00
Epona of Denon 10" (EPD)
  Celtic goddess of horses bestows her blessing. This image from Denon in Gaul shows..
Ex Tax: $43.00
Fortuna 9" (FOR)
  Lady Luck, with her Cornucopia. The Goddess or Fate who rules each individual'..
Ex Tax: $39.00
Gaia Blessing Earth 8" (GBE)
The Mother Goddess archetype, throne-seated and giving birth to all creation, dates to at least 6..
Ex Tax: $64.00
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